23 April 2010

Gardening Day 3...

...4 and 5! We decided to spread out the spreading of the plum slate, so did it gradually over 3 days. We're now finally finished, see the before and after shots below:

17 April 2010

Chillin' in the Sun

This weekend we went up to Mark and Carol's for some fun in the sun! Had a cracking BBQ, followed by Pimms, bubble catching and face painting.

11 April 2010

Gardening Day 2

Little bit achy, but feeling good about how much we chopped down. We carried on with the last and biggest roots. One defeated us, it just simple wouldn't come out.

End of day 2 looks like...

Two giant hippo bags now full and awaiting collection. Day 3 will involve spreading 1 tonne of purple slate! Luckily we get a break next weekend as we're off to Mark and Carol's!

10 April 2010

Gardening Day 1

The first really nice weekend of the year, and what do we decide to do? No not relax in the garden with a drink, but do some hard labour digging up the verge down the side of the house which is getting a bit out of hand!

So here it is at the start of day 1... slightly mad and bit overgrown...

and at the end of day 2... looking much chopped and cleared...

5 April 2010

Kick Ass Movie Review

Kick Ass is the story of a comic book geek who is fed up of just reading about superheroes and decides to become one himself! On his journey he meets up with some real superheroes, Big Daddy and Hit Girl, who are out to get their evil arch nemesis. Lots of twists and turns, a few laughs along the way, thrown in with some genuine beatings and slow-mo death by Hit Girl gun down scenes. Was expecting more from this, as it been hyped up in numerous magazines, however it dragged in places and was a little disappointing overall.

Ben 6 out of 10
Barry 6 out of 10


2 April 2010

Clash of the Titans 3D Movie Review

We were really looking forward to this film, and it didn't disappoint. It had giant scorpions, Medusa and the Kraken! Sam Worthington is great as Pegasus, and follows up his other great films in Avatar and Terminator Salvation. The story moves along quite rapidly between the set pieces, with minimum trudging around. In fact the only thing that let this film down was the 3D, it simply wasn't very 3D-ee, in fact the only bit that stood out were the CGI scorpions, and action involving humans simply looked flat. This was the same in Alice in Wonderland, and I feel a bit ripped off paying the extra £2.50. They managed proper 3D in Avatar, get it sorted! Overall it was great, and we'd see it again, but in 2D!

Ben 8 out of 10
Barry 9 out of 10