19 June 2010

Delayed and delayed again!

Today we were delayed on the plane, due to a late arrival, which wasn't too bad by itself, although we were flying economy and there was no champagne on board! However we were also delayed a further 1.5 hours by a bouncer and his mrs in her chavvy shell suit, who decided he didn't like his seats. Bouncer bob had paid for extra leg room and to sit together, only to discover when they got on the plane that they were no longer sat together!! "ARE YOU in the right seat?" he barked at us and the old couple sat over from us! He the proceeded to huff and puff at anyone who wouldn't listen, only to huff and puff a bit too much at the head stewardess. This was a bad mistake as she had the police escort him from the plane!! We had offered to move seats, which the stewardess appreciated and offered us free drinks, but it was too late for bouncer bob and his mrs. We still enjoyed the free drinks though ;-)

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Location:Av de Francia,San Bartolomé de Tirajana,Spain

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