22 August 2010

Expendables Movie Review

Wanna see a movie with washed up, slightly over the hill film stars, who all look too old, use too many steroids and lip filler? Then Expendables is it! None of the stars really shine, and even Statham and Li don't really get to do too much of their trademark fighting. In fact the whole film was just one huge meh! After such a build up, a film containing all your favourite action stars from yester-year, apart from a noteably absent Van Damme, you'd think they'd spend a little more time on the story, which basically is they go after a bad guy blowing, shooting and chopping lots of things up along the way. We enjoyed Rambo 4 and A-Team, which were similar revivals and action, but this just didn't get there and we we both a bit bored by the end.

Ben 6 out of 10
Barry 7 out of 10


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