25 April 2011

Thor Movie Review

We headed to the early preview of Thor today, the next in the Marvel line up before Avengers hits next year. We decided not to see it in 3D, as its simply too expensive to goto the cinema anyway, £30 with snacks for two of us! Anyway about the film, theres loads of back story, which is handy as knew nothing about Thor, however it does seem to go on a bit. Odin/Thor/Loki all present and correct, with back stabbing brothers, fellow warriors and a fairly wimpy Portman as the girl interest. I didn't think it really got going, and while there was a lot of CGI sets, the story did start to drag and then there was one big show down at the end. Maybe I was in the wrong mood or too jet lagged, as Barry liked it!

Ben 6 out of 10
Barry 8 out of 10


24 April 2011

Hop Movie Review

The second film from creators of Despicable Me (which was good), comes Hop, the story of the heir to the Easter Bunny (no so good). Whereas Despicable Me was a clever and whitty kids film, this is a silly kids film. Can't quite put my finger on why I didn't like this film, but Brand's voice as the bunny grinds, and Marsden playing a supposed 24yr old clueless/jobless guy, just doesn't work (he's 37 in real life!). Not such a good film, just hop along and see something else.

Ben 5 out of 10
Barry 5 out of 10


22 April 2011

Final Day

The plan today was to check our bags in with Virgin at Downtown Disney, then chill and linger round the shops and bars. However of all the bad luck Ray managed to lock the key in their car and ended up waiting for a locksmith! In the meantime Keith, Jo and Jamie went into Disney Quest and we went to the cinema.

All the pictures will be updated soon, as have to get them off everyone elses cameras! In the meantime here is 360 degree panoramic of the shore of Grand Beach at Lake Bryan where we stayed.

21 April 2011

Date Night

After a couple of days rest we all split up and head out on date nights. Keith and Jo went to Applebees yesterday. Beryl and Ray are off to the Arabian Nights horse and dinner show. We're off to Downtown Disney to the cinema and T-Rex Restaurant.

Limitless Movie Review

Cooper is a washed up writer who is suffering from writer's block. He then runs into his ex-girlfriend's brother who sells him a mysterious clear 100% brain usage pill and he finishes writing his book in 4 days. The rest of the film he finds out his brain powers are "limitless" and starts wheeling and dealing in the money markets. Whilst watching his drug supply dwindle and being chased by the russian mafia, he comes up with a plan. As this point my brain shuts down and things start glazing over, the whole story starts getting a little bit long winded, boring and blurry. It just doesn't seem to keep your interest going, which is a shame. There are some twists n turns at the end between the money men and what happens to his drug supply, but on the whole I'd rather have left 20min ago!

Ben 6 out of 10
Barry 6 out of 10


Just keep peddling!

When the sun cooled off in the afternoon today we rented a pedlo to go out onto Lake Bryan. Maybe not such a smart idea as a few days earlier we'd seen a gator near the shore!

19 April 2011

Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach Water Parks

Water parks take 2 today. 95 degrees, loads of cream on, splashing down and in. See the 8ft tidal wave in Typhoon Lagoon and watch us ride the Crusha Gusha water rolleroaster. Then skip to Blizzard Beach on the Toboggan Racers.

17 April 2011

Magic Kingdom

Our feet are very tired from the huge amounts of walking, so after another day of rest we have a late/early "Lunner" at 4pm, then head into the Magic Kingdom to catch a few rides and the evening fireworks and Electrical Parade. We've been lucky up to now with queues, the longest being 30 minutes so far, but tonight its obvious that the park is far busier, with Splash Mountain at 85 mins!

15 April 2011

Hollywood Studios

We had a bit too much sun at the water park, so after a day of recovery we head into Hollywood Studios to ride the movies, go on backlot tours and watch parades.

13 April 2011

Typhoon Lagoon and Discovery Cove

Today we split. Beryl and Ray went to Discovery Cove to swim with dolphins, while the rest of us headed to Typhoon Lagoon for some water park tidal wave action!

12 April 2011

Animal Kingdom

Today we carried on with the parks and hit Animal Kingdom. Yetis, Lions, Bugs and Dinosaurs!!

11 April 2011


Today Beryl and Ray rested while the rest of us headed to Epcot, the giant ball, and hit the fast action rides.

4 April 2011

The Eagle Movie Review

Barry finished school (literally) early today, so we decided to head back to the cinema again! This time to see choppy slasher The Eagle. Channing's dad was leader of Rome's 9th Legion and lost the gold headed eagle to the Druids past Hadrian's Wall, and for the glory of Rome they go on a quest to get it back. Lots of plodding, but not much chopping!

Ben 6 out of 10
Barry 6 out of 10


3 April 2011

Source Code Movie Review

Source Code is a sci-fi twist on Vantage Point. Gyllenhaal is stuck living the same 8 minutes of a train bombing over and over, trying to figure out who blew the train up. Unlike Vantage Point though, this has an ever changing story and he can do different tasks each time he relives the 8 minutes. The sci-fi techno babble is by the by, but the twist at the end is unusual, you won't guess where he actually is! The actual 8 minutes he is reliving is fairly bland, not much action, and I figured out quite early on who dun it! Overall entertaining but underwhelming.

Ben 7 out of 10
Barry 6 out of 10