30 May 2011

Hangover Part 2 Movie Review

Whereas the first film was a fluke and felt naturally funny. This one felt slightly forced and trying to out do the previous. Its still a very funny film, but has a darker tone with undercover drug operations and a finger being cut off. The usual happens with the wolfpack passing out after a very drunk and drug filled night, only to discover that Teddy, younger brother prodigy of bride to be, has gone missing. Theres a naked chinese man, a stolen monk, tattoo, strip bar, car chase, lady boy, drug running monkey and more! Good, but not as good as the first.

Ben 7 out of 10
Barry 6 out of 10


28 May 2011

Gareth's belated 30th at Mark and Carol's

We headed upto Cawston this weekend to see Mark, Carol, Charlotte and Elliot and to celebrate Gareth's belated 30th birthday! On Friday we stayed up too late as usual, drinking and gossiping! Saturday we headed to the National Space Science Museum in Leceister, which was a fantastic attraction with loads to do, including loads of exhibits and things to interact with, a 360 degree cinema, space zone with activities like shoving moon rock and zero-g flying and going up in a lift alongside a real rocket!

21 May 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides 3D Movie Review

Ergh, I have found the Fountain of Youth, says dying old man dragged from the sea. I want the fountain says spanish man. I heard the spanish are going after the fountain of youth, I want it first says english man. I have another map to the fountain and I'm going after it too says the pirates. Ah but on the way we need some silver cups, lets all go there and have some hijinx messing around in the trees. Ah we need some mermaids now, lets all go there too and have a scrap and kidnap one. Now we have all that junk, lets all head to the fountain and have another scrap. And that about sums up the entire film! Lots of talking about doing stuff, lots of travelling to get there, a few action bits with some good special effects and not a lot else! Highly average and it certainly didn't need to be in 3D as added nothing to the film, except for a few swords pointing out the screen at you. They're talking about Pirates 5, but after this, they should let the franchise rest.

Ben 6 out of 10
Barry 6 out of 10