30 July 2011

Keith and Jo's Wedding

Today we attended Barry's brother's wedding down in Old Portsmouth. The ceremony was right outside my old school, then a quick drive round the corner to the reception at a pub by the harbour.

29 July 2011

Captain America 3D Movie Review

Summer of super heroes continues with Captain America, and I think it betters Thor and Green Lantern. A much better story that either of the above and a much more likeable character as he is more human with weaknesses. He just happens to be a very dedicated man chosen for an experiment in super soldiers. The Red Skull on the other hand is a bit useless, spending much time inventing weapons and trying to find godly powers, only to be let down by his useless henchmen, who get picked off just as easily with a machine gun as the next useless henchman. However the story is good, the plot and action flows well and the story wraps very nicely setting us up for next summer's Avengers movie. A great end to the super hero summer, apart from the pretty flat 3D.

Ben 8 out of 10
Barry 9 out of 10


28 July 2011

Hot Air Balloon over Basingstoke

Today we finally got to do Mum's christmas present from 2009! After many attempts at booking and being rained/blow off we finally got to fly in our Virgin Hot Air Balloon. We took off from Basingstoke War Memorial Park and were due to be blown towards Alton, but luckily the wind changed and we got blown right over our house! We eventually landed in Popham Airfield on the way to Andover.

16 July 2011

British Airways World Traveller Plus vs. Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy

We were pretty much forced to fly BA to Toronto, as Virgin only do winter holidays there, so we got a chance to compare the services. The flights if running at the same time as pretty much the same price, and likewise to Orlando, so its a fair comparison:

British Airways

Virgin Atlantic


Heathrow Terminal 5

Gatwick North Terminal

Priority check-in queue



Fast pass through security



Priority boarding



Boarding tunnel to plane, not bus!



Champagne before take off



Better dinner than economy meal, on china with cutlery



Ice cream and bottle of water after dinner



On demand entertainment



Regular drinks service



Priority deplane



Priority baggage claim



So apart from BA having on demand entertainment, which is actually coming to the new Virgin fleet, its pretty much an epic fail for British Airways!!

Final Day :-(

Final day, and its still sunny, that's a whole week of sunshine!! See a 3D panoramic picture of Yonge and Dundas below, which is where the main mall and cinema is in Toronto.

Super 8 Film Review

Produced by Spielberg, by directed by Abrams, this is a love note to Spielberg's 80's films. A slower pace, unknown kid stars, and an alien that is hidden very carefully and revealed gradually. Smacking of Goonies crossed with Close Encounters, this follows 5 kids who make movies on their Super 8 camera and accidentally catch on film a train disaster, which happens to be carrying a military secret, an Alien! The story unravels at a nice pace, the effects are excellent, just a great film. Go see it now.

Ben 9 out of 10
Barry 8 out of 10


15 July 2011

Zookeeper Movie Review

We literally have run out of movies to watch, so we were forced to see Zookeeper. And boy were we forced to see this predictable kiddy crap fodder. Highly obvious story line. The only saving grace is the funny little monkey! Avoid!

Ben 4 out of 10
Barry 5 out of 10


Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part 2 3D Film Review

Finally!! Finally we get a good Harry Potter film! After the last three instalments I wasn't holding up much hope, but this film really turns up the action. Nice summaries of all the past films, linking up all the plot points, good load of action, a fitting end to the Potter franchise. Don't miss it! However don't bother with yet another useless 2D to 3D conversion job!

Ben 8 out of 10
Barry 8 out of 10


14 July 2011

Horrible Bosses Movie Review

We weren't expecting much from this movie after the last two "comedies", however this was a pleasant surprise, as original and funny at Hangover was. Three guys basically have horrible bosses and plot to kill them, by using a "murder consultant" they meet in a seedy bar! Spacey is the evil office boss, Aniston is the sexual harrasment boss and Farrel was the son who inherited the family business who doesn't care. Spacey takes ones promotion, Aniston trys blackmailing for sex and Farrel fires people for being fat! Bumbling their way through the murders they end up not doing a whole lot but reaching their goal by mistake with whole lot of laughs along the way, recommended!

Ben 8 out of 10
Barry 7 out of 10


Canada Wonderland!

Our second day of car hire and today we headed in the opposite direction towards Canada Wonderland, which is full of roller coasters, a water park and other attractions. The queues weren't too bad at around 20mins, and we managed to get onto most coasters. We also got a bit too crispy in the sun!

13 July 2011

Bad Teacher Film Review

Another comedy that doesn't quite get going. Diaz plays the lazy, bitchy teacher very well, its just that she doesn't do anything particularly bad. Well nothing any worse than any of my teachers did anyway! She plays the don't care role very well against the ditsy anally retentive rival teacher, and tries to take the teacher bonus for her own boob job. She hates the gym teacher (but who doesn't), but falls predictably for the rich cute teacher played by Timberlake. However in yet again predictable rom-com territory you can probably guess what ends up happening. A few chuckles, but far from great.

Ben 5 out of 10
Barry 6 out of 10


Niagara Falls

Today we hired a car and headed towards Niagara Falls, only 1hr 20mins from Toronto. We strolled along the edge of the falls in the boiling sun and took a Maid of the Mist into the spray under the falls.

12 July 2011

CN Tower & Princess Leia

Today we went up the CN Tower in the glorious sunshine. In the evening we managed to get some last minute tickets to see Carrie Fisher (aka Priness Leia) reflecting about her adulterous parents, Star Wars, drink/drug problems and bi-polar condition. She was actually fantastic and very funny!

11 July 2011

Bridesmaids Movie Review

Looking suspiciously like the female version of Hangover, and advertised as such, this could have been a very funny movie. However just as you think its going to get going, and it could have, it winds down into usual chick-flick territory, becoming very predictable and teary. Its a great shame as there's no reason this couldn't have a Mrs. Hangover, there are some very funny moment, but on the whole a wasted opportunity.

Ben 6 out of 10
Barry 6 out of 10


10 July 2011

Mall today, bit grey!

Woke up at 4am this morning by previous occupants alarm, thanks for that! So have checked out the pool and wandered round the mall.

Location:Queen St W,Toronto,Canada

Cars 2 IMAX 3D Film Review

Thankfully Cars 2 is as far removed from Cars as it possibly can be. Cars being our least favourite Pixar film by far. Disney have also admitted in interviews that Cars 2 only exists because the merchandise actually sold better than the first movie! This story actually shows some real inventiveness with McQueen travelling around racing on some new "green" fuel, but is actually being used as an example of why green fuels will never replace fossil fuels. This is where Cane comes in as a british agent who is trying to unravel the cover up, and Mater mistakenly gets involved and hilarity ensues. CGI films always look fantastic, and here in 3D and on IMAX the screen literally pops with colour and detail. Far, far better than Cars, but still not quite usual Pixar standard.

Ben 7 out of 10
Barry 6 out of 10