6 November 2011

In Time Film Review

The premise for this movie is a new twist. Everyone lives until they are 25, they then stop ageing, but a one year clock starts on their arm, and at the end of that year you die unless you earn more time. As another kick in the face, you also have to buy everything with the time you have less, with a coffee clocking in at 4 minutes off your life! Its a story of the rich getting richer and living forever and the poor getting poorer and dying at around 25. An unknown slum boy, Timberlake, is given over 100 years by someone from the elite rich, who has had enough of living forever. The Time Police then spend the rest of the film trying to track Timberlake down as he crosses zones, using vast sums of time to eventually end up in the elite zone, trying to trick a million year man owner out of his time and distributing it to the poor. A modern day telling of Robin Hood then. A very interesting idea for a film, slow, but thought provoking.

Ben 8 out of 10
Barry 6 out of 10


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