4 June 2012

Prometheus 3D Film Review

Prometheus is the Alien prequel that isn't an official prequel. It stands as its own film, but does link up to the "Jockey" sat in the chair in Alien very nicely. Basically a calling card is left throughout numbers of ancient human civilizations, which scientists discover and decide to head there, funded by the Weylund corporation. Once they get there they find ships full of an alien substance. Lets just say at this point things go horribly wrong for the crew of Prometheus and they end up getting infected with an early evolution of the face huggers! Great sci-fi film, with a great story and suspenseful atmosphere, the 3D only adds in areas of claustrophobia like the ship and tunnels. Glad Fox stuck to its guns and went for a mature not 12A certificate!

Ben 8 out of 10
Barry 8 out of 10


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