7 July 2012

Ghost the Musical Theatre Review

Part two of Barry's birthday surprise was to see Ghost The Musical in London's Piccadilly Theatre. Based on the 80's film about boyfriend and girlfriend who are double crossed by their best friend, which leads to Sam becoming a ghost. While the story is familiar, the songs aren't apart from the obvious one, and the actors can certainly belt them out, but unfortunately they were largely forgettable. However the scenery was stunning, using a giant jumb-o-tron video wall, like you see at concerts, but its constantly on the move, changing shape and setting the scene. There was also lots of projection on a front see through screen, like rain and ghosts floating. The dancing is also very unique, using some sort of stop motion slowing down effect, when combined with strobes looks very weird in a good way. Finalising the effects are the illusions, with people walking through things, vanishing and floating. One particular scene on the subway train is unlike anything we've seen, with the jumb-o-tron being the train, the actors behind it, coming in and out through a door and people/rubbish floating in slow-mo as the ghosts fight. It really is amazing. Watch the video below for a taster.....

Ben 4 out of 5
Barry 4 out of 5

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