18 August 2012

Zombie Shopping Mall Experience

Headed to Reading today where ZED Events holds their Zombie Shopping Mall Experience in an old abandoned mall. The place is already spooky enough, being a deserted dark mall, but you have live action zombies chasing you! After our briefing we were given a combat vest and gun, then we had to infiltrate the mall and retrieve a blue case containing information about the virus. This whole first zombie experience was scripted and we had police actors following us. The second mission we were on our own and had to retrieve as much ammo from the mall as possible. This was actually much scarier as you started out in the basement, which was pitch black with just a torch! Our third mission was to retrieve the antidote from a medical area, then escape the mall. Again we were left to roam freely around the darkened mall, with zombies popping up all over the place, groaning, chasing and trying to bite us! A superb experience that genuinely made me shit my pants a few times, especially the pitch black basement. Highly recommended day out!!


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