23 June 2013

Man of Steel Film Review

Forget everything you know about the old Superman movies, this is definitely the new darker 2013 version. New Superman, new suit, new sci-fi styled Krypton, just basically everything new! The story is a bit flaky and not made very clear, but basically Zod wants to terraform Earth and change it into New Krypton, let a huge battle between Man of Steel and the badies start! And what a battle it is, people being thrown miles and through several blocks of buildings, big flying things drilling the planet, a fairly weedy army trying to hold their own. There is also a nice back story, done through flash backs, of how Clark Kent grew up and maintained his secret identity. Not knowing anything about this film, it took a while to take it all in, and we really weren't sure if we enjoyed it or not. It took about a week to analyse everything and piece it all together to realise that we did and want to see it again.

Ben 8 out of 10
Barry 9 out of 10


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