28 July 2013

Now You See Me Movie Review

A group of misfit magicians get brought together by the mystical 'Eye' and are convinced to pull off gradually bigger and bigger bank robberies for the sake of the magical art. A rich sponsor (Caine) is one of the targets and Freeman portrays an ex-magician, who's trying to figure out how they do it and gets roped into helping the FBI. The tricks are all intriguing and well explained as to how they pull them off. Its not until the final heist that things get slightly unbelievable, going into the realm of silly. Its a shame as you buy into the rest of the magic and this brings you out of the illusion you are watching something believable. It basically boils down to a magical version of who-done-it? On the whole though a very entertaining movie and is something different from the usual summer film fodder.

Ben 6 out of 10
Barry 6 out of 10


27 July 2013

The Wolverine 3D Film Review

We were promised a full on graphic R/18 rated Wolverine, they lied! We got a 12A watered down version again, but no matter as this is still a good film! Wolverine is carted off back to Japan to say goodbye to someone who is dying that he saved during World War 2, although he ends up being dragged into a Yakuza feud and a family battle for power. Cue lots of kick ass ninjas, claws and the Silver Samurai. The story plods along a bit until finally it gets to the action and there are some good scraps to be had, leading upto a huge battle at the end. The 3D yet again sucks and sometimes you have to check if you are actually watching a 3D film as it looks decided flat. I'm also really not sure about the 12A rating, as it is slightly on the violent side, with lots of implied stabbing 'n slashing. You even see Wolverine impaled by about 20 spears, but as long as theres no blood that seems to be fine! A good film, but if this had been at least a 15 they might have been able to do even more with the action scenes.

Ben 7 out of 10
Barry 7 out of 10


20 July 2013

Airkix Indoor Skydiving for Jamie's 16th

Keith and Jamie visited for Friday/Saturday and we had the biggest BBQ followed by games and movies. Saturday afternoon we surprised them with indoor skydiving for their birthdays!

18 July 2013

Monsters University 3D Film Review

You already know how this film ends, as its a prequel to Pixar's Monsters Inc., but how they get there is completely unexpected. While there are loads of characters in this film, you don't really get to know many of them, which is unfortunate. There are also nods to characters from the previous films, so you know where they came from. Its the story that disappoints, as after Wall-E, Up and Toy Story 3 this just doesn't cut it for a Pixar film and feels a little limp. The 3D does absolutely nothing for this film either, there aren't even any cheap tricks to wake you up like Despicable Me 2. Maybe it needs a repeat watch to catch all the in-jokes, but its Pixar by the numbers playing it safe. Kids as always will love it.

Ben 7 out of 10
Barry 6 out of 10


14 July 2013

Pacific Rim Film Review

The film starts out great, simple voice over tells you thats aliens arrive from under the sea and bam we're into fighting monsters straight away! It then plops you out into a slow story bit, which are all basically acted by B class old UK soap actors who you care little for. A plot about a missing brother and a traumatised child don't really do it. You therefore find yourself waiting for the next monster mash, which is a shame as with a little tweaking the bits between monsters could have been so much better. Luckily for the scale of this film the wobble cam is kept to a minimum, but a little to close to the action to see everything clearly sometimes. A great monster mashing popcorn film let down by scene filler.

Ben 7 out of 10
Barry 7 out of 10


9 July 2013

Despicable Me 2 3D Movie Review

Dreamworks trying to take on Pixar again in it's sequel to an enjoyable original film. Unfortunately the follow up is a slower lacklustre affair, relying too heavily on the minions antics. The story is pretty simple too, a serum has been stolen that turns things evil, and its one of 12 people working in a mall (for some reason) and its upto Gru to identify them. As he's now gone good and working for the Anti Villain League (AVL), he also comes with a sidekick. The whole thing just didn't seem to hang together for me, but I'm sure kids will be amused by the silly minions. The 3D doesn't really pop either, only in certain parts, most seem reserved for the credits, which is a huge shame, as this sort of movie is calling out for popping out the screen effects!

Ben 6 out of 10
Barry 5 out of 10


6 July 2013

3 July 2013

Night Out at Yumbo

The Yumbo can best be described at the Tricorn of Gran Canaria. A large collection of shops and bars all in a concrete block, however it's nicer than it sounds! We had quite a few drinks and Barry decided to get a henna tattoo.

Later there were some street acrobats performing in front of the bars.

1 July 2013

Spa Day

The hotel has a pretty luxurious on site spa with salt, womb, africa heat, sauna, ice, aroma and dead sea floatation rooms. There is also a hot lagoon with amazon rain shower and hot back wall. Outside you have a private pool and deck with hot and cold plunge pools.

Barry coming out of the womb room!

Just a tiny shower