9 July 2013

Despicable Me 2 3D Movie Review

Dreamworks trying to take on Pixar again in it's sequel to an enjoyable original film. Unfortunately the follow up is a slower lacklustre affair, relying too heavily on the minions antics. The story is pretty simple too, a serum has been stolen that turns things evil, and its one of 12 people working in a mall (for some reason) and its upto Gru to identify them. As he's now gone good and working for the Anti Villain League (AVL), he also comes with a sidekick. The whole thing just didn't seem to hang together for me, but I'm sure kids will be amused by the silly minions. The 3D doesn't really pop either, only in certain parts, most seem reserved for the credits, which is a huge shame, as this sort of movie is calling out for popping out the screen effects!

Ben 6 out of 10
Barry 5 out of 10


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