27 July 2013

The Wolverine 3D Film Review

We were promised a full on graphic R/18 rated Wolverine, they lied! We got a 12A watered down version again, but no matter as this is still a good film! Wolverine is carted off back to Japan to say goodbye to someone who is dying that he saved during World War 2, although he ends up being dragged into a Yakuza feud and a family battle for power. Cue lots of kick ass ninjas, claws and the Silver Samurai. The story plods along a bit until finally it gets to the action and there are some good scraps to be had, leading upto a huge battle at the end. The 3D yet again sucks and sometimes you have to check if you are actually watching a 3D film as it looks decided flat. I'm also really not sure about the 12A rating, as it is slightly on the violent side, with lots of implied stabbing 'n slashing. You even see Wolverine impaled by about 20 spears, but as long as theres no blood that seems to be fine! A good film, but if this had been at least a 15 they might have been able to do even more with the action scenes.

Ben 7 out of 10
Barry 7 out of 10


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