25 August 2013

Elysium Movie Review

Zzzzzzzz, oh sorry dozed off there, as this is a fairly old basic story but in a sci-fi setting. Its the future, the rich are getting richer and moving to outer space, the poor are getting poorer and living on the toilet that is now Earth. Everyone is dreaming of getting up to Elysium, the perfect city in space, but those with illegal connections make it a reality. Mix in a hidden power struggle twist and Jodie Foster with a very dodgy accent and thats pretty much it! Damon plays Max, who has dreamed of making it up there since childhood, but due to a fairly nasty accident is driven to make it happen, as they have technology on Elysium that can save him. It all sounds very action packed and the sci-fi element adds a new spin, but the whole film just seems to plod along and not really get going. The twist seems like a huge convenience just to try and spice the story up, but fails. The suit that Damon wears to make is look more sci-fyey isn't actually for that purpose at all. I really don't know about this film, with some tuning it may have been rescued, but as is stands its decidedly average.

Ben 5 out of 10
Barry 5 out of 10


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