27 October 2013

Ender's Game Movie Review

What looked like a very promising sci-fi movie from the trailer turned out to be a kiddy version of Wargames crossed with Starship Troopers, except without even seeing the bugs! Basically the human race is all but wiped out and Harrison Ford is training the next super-strategist child to control the entire human fleet to wipe out the bugs before they attack again. What follows is an hour and a half of children playing laser tag in a zero gravity room (which actually looked ideal for 3D treatment, but wasn't 3D-ised). While the child actors are pretty good they also grate slightly and you never really believe they're up to the task of saving us. Average fodder and definitely a DVD job.

Ben 6 out of 10
Barry 6 out of 10


21 October 2013

Last Day in Fort Lauderdale

The final day and we have until 5pm to soak up as much sun as we possibly can!

20 October 2013

Gravity IMAX 3D Movie Review

Today started out grey so we headed to the IMAX by the mall to see Gravity. A bit of a silly story which sees a Russian satellite destroyed, as it was malfunctioning, which sets off a chain reaction of shrapnel in space, which gradually takes out other satellites and causes a huge load of debris moving faster than bullets. And why do we care about this? Well because George Clooney and Sandra Bullock are in outer space too, trying to repair a space station and are just about to be in a whole heap of trouble! Its a very tense story of how these two are stranded with no communication to Earth and how they survive. The story moves between action, suspense and emotion, with Bullock in particular playing an amazing role. If you can look past the silly starting story, then this is a superb film and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The 3D didn't look that great but the IMAX sound was amazing!

Ben 8 out of 10
Barry 9 out of 10


18 October 2013

Road Trip Outta the Keys

We start the 4.5 hour drive from Key West to Fort Lauderdale, but after multiple stops it ended up taking 6 hours! Anyways the roof way down on the Camaro, the sun was shining, so it didn't really matter.

17 October 2013

Key West Jet Skis

Today we set of early for a Denny's breakfast followed by Jet Skiing round Key West and three other smaller islands with Fury Tours. The first section was at around 25-30mph with lots of zig-zagging to get us used to turning at speed. The second section we got upto 35mph and were then given free reign to do whatever we wanted in the Gulf of Mexico. We then set off at an even more rapid 40-45mph under a bridge and over to the Atlantic Ocean side arriving at a sand bar, where we could get off and stretch our legs in the shallow water. The final section was again at full speed right back to dock, passing the southern most point again. All of this was captured on camera, but for some reason the camera decided to have an epic-fail and all the photos are blurry!!!

16 October 2013

Key West Parasailing

After a morning in the shade by the pool, as its boiling hot, we braved a parasail with Fury Tours. Had a great view of the southern end of Key West.

15 October 2013

Driving to Key West

Our 2hr 20min drive from Key Largo to Key West started (after a flooding lavatory incident) in style in our Chevrolet Camaro, as seen as Bumblebee in the Transformers movie.

14 October 2013

Key Largo and Snorkelling

No messing around on this holiday, as Sunday night when we landed we drove straight to Key Largo where we were staying in the rather luxurious surroundings of the Marriott Key Largo Bay Beach Resort. We fell almost instantly asleep after a 1.5hr drive, but the very next day sprang into action and went snorkelling with the Pirate Island Divers and explored Grecian Reef and Key Largo Dry Rocks Reef, where we saw underwater Jesus! Yes we aren't joking, it a replica of an Italian statue and sunk on the reef, he's actually now covered in fire coral, so any touches or hugs would be very poisonously painful!

The Marriott Key Largo Beach Resort

Look carefully! Its underwater Jesus!

6 October 2013

Up @ The O2

My delayed birthday surprise was to climb over one of Europe's largest concert arenas, The O2 arena in London! The dome is 365m around (for 365 days of the year), has 12 supports (for the 12 months) and is 52m tall (for the weeks in a year). The walkway is actually suspended 2m above the dome, and is only anchored at each end and the centre. Needless to say the walkway is a bit bouncy and steep, but you are strapped onto a safety rail at all times. They actually allow you to take your own photos too, but only at the very top. It was a beautiful day with a slight breeze and we could see the financial district, olympic village and Thames Barrier.