9 November 2013

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 3D Film Review

The follow up to the amusing original, but minus Mr-T. They thought they had destroyed the food making machine, but it turns out that its gone into overdrive and is creating foodimal based creatures such as Shrimpanzes, Hipotatomus, Melonphants, Flamango, Mosquitoasts and Grand Tacodile. Where the CEO of LIVE (evil backwards people!) is after the machine to try and churn out his next Food Bar 8.0 product and uses Flint's urge to impress his childhood hero inventor against him. The story is fairly average, but its the animation that impresses with its wacky style and all the amusing flourishes going on with the background characters, in particular Steve the monkey. We deliberately saw this in 3D as the first one impressed and there are some great bits in this film too.

Ben 6 out of 10
Barry 6 out of 10


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