10 November 2013

Thor 2: Dark World 3D Movie Review

In Thor 2 he takes on the Dark Elf who has some ancient power hidden away somewhere that can apparently destroy everything. The film seems to jitter around between ancients battles, sword slashing, laser bazookas and space craft, a right miss-mash of technology and styles that didn't really work for me. Why does someone with a laser walk up to someone with a sword to shoot them? Anyway. The ancient power is obviously found in its hidden place and a chase between worlds to control its powers ensues. Then portals start opening up between worlds as they align and people start popping from world to world and it all gets a bit confusing!! All you need to know is this is completely OTT comic book action, with tongue in cheek humour and you just have to sit back and lap it up with a bucket of popcorn.

Ben 7 out of 10
Barry 8 out of 10


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