8 February 2014

Robocop Movie Review

Its February and this is the first film of the year we've seen, pretty poor going! The 80s Robocop was one of my favourite films, so this had a pretty big robot suit to fill, and it doesn't quite make it. Gone is the cheesy satire, the violence and the silver suit. In comes Samuel L Jackson as a very long winded chat show host, instead of short news burst. The violence is gone as this is PG13 and in its place you get heat vision. And worst of all the silver suit gets turned black, even though silver looks better! However if you can look past all those changes, which is pretty hard, then underneath is a fairly decent film. You still have a human struggling with his humanity after being turned cyborg. You also have the controversy of how human is he and how in control as they fiddle with his hormone levels to make him perform. A better reboot that Total Recall, but still sullies the memory of the original.

Ben 7 out of 10
Barry 7 out of 10


2 February 2014

Walt Disney Studios Paris

No early entry for Walt Disney Studios, which is basically a very mini version of Hollywood Studios in Florida. Again we headed for the rides not in Florida, so Crush's Coaster and Armageddon, but that was closed. We also watched a couple of shows in Cinémagique and Animagique, the first was a interactive movie through lots of famous films and was very clever jumping between scenes, the second was a live show where Donald enters Mickey's vault of old Disney songs. In the afternoon was the "En voiture aver les stars Disney" parade, or to you and I "Disney's Stars 'n Cars". We didn't really have to watch the time, as we knew the train station was just outside the park gate!

1 February 2014

Disneyland Park Paris

We were staying in the New York New York Disney Hotel, which means that we could go into the park early at 8am, instead of 10am. It was very surreal, as Main Street is identical to the Florida park. In fact all the rides thats have made the jump over to Europe are identical, except they are in French! Its very weird hearing the music you are expecting, but French lyrics! We headed first for the rides that aren't anywhere else, so Space Mountain: Mission 2 and Buzz Laser Blast, unfortunately Indiana Jones: Temple of Peril was closed. Of course it wouldn't be Disney without It's a Small World.

After lunch we headed back to the hotel, which was only a 5 minute walk, for a rest. Then we headed back to the park for the 16:45 "La Magie Disney en Parade!", or for us "Disney Magic on Parade!". The back to the hotel again, and back to the park again for the spectaular Disney Dreams! light/laser/fireworks show projected against the castle.