31 December 2015

Daddy's Home Movie Review

Will Ferrell is an obsessed self-help book step Dad, who goes in a head to head with real Dad Mark Wahlberg. One is a wimpy office worker, the other is an undisclosed undercover killer. Ferrell has to work hard to get the kids approval, where as Wahlberg effortlessly drips cool. Its a head to head battle of the Dads as they battle for the kids affection is ever escalating silly stunts. While the skits are funny, they are fairly short and there seems to be a lull with not a lot going on between them. There are a few chuckle out loud moments, but not really enough for a comedy film. Worth a watch on DVD though.

Ben 6 out of 10
Barry 7 out of 10


19 December 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens 3D D-BOX Movie Review

This is finally the proper Star Wars sequel we have been waiting for since 1983. Forget the CGI mess of the prequels. This is back to proper Star Wars. Decent story, practical effects, rubber creatures, real robots, no green screen, good story, space dogfights you can see, the list just goes on and on. Its very similar to the original trilogy in that it starts with unknown characters and story and things gradually piece together. There is the perfect mix of new and old characters, with them all displaying the quips and jokes of the original. The sets are familiar yet fresh, and the sound effects bring smiles to your face reminding you of the old. There are also a couple massive shockers, one revealed quite early on, the second has been spoiled for several by idiots on several forums. Quite simply the best film this year, roll on the next two (five if you include the spin-offs)!

The 3D pops at certain points, with the odd star destroyer and light sabre poking out at you. The D-BOX was on top form for all the spaces fights.

Ben 10 out of 10 (10 with D-BOX)
Barry 9 out of 10 (10 with D-BOX)


13 December 2015

Krampus Movie Review

As the world waits for Star Wars next weekend, we decided to take in a bit of Christmas horror that has been making good waves in Krampus. Unfortunately I thought the film had a bit of an identity crisis, in that it wasn't sure if it was a serious jumpy horror or if it was tongue in cheek B-movie. This is a fatal flaw, as if it had gone B-movie all the way it would have been much more fun. Firstly the film takes waaaaaay too long to get going, and you don't care hugely for the characters and if they get carted off to hell or not. Secondly it starts with some weedy scares which we are meant to take seriously. Finally it then seems to flip into Gremlins mode and the family starts to bond and you start to like the movie a bit more. The creatures seem tongue in cheek, such as the gingerbread man and the grizzly teddy bear, verging on the genuinely spooky jack-in-the-box and Krampus himself. It just hits me as a bit all over the place, part horror part comedy, but not merging them very well. DVD job at best.

Ben 5 out of 10
Barry 6 out of 10


1 December 2015

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour at the O2 in London

Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour arrives at the O2 Arena in London for 2 nights only and is packed to the rafters. Singing songs from her latest album, along with remixed old classics, it was just over 2 hours of amazing entertainment. We were apparently treated to special version of "Like a Prayer" as it was World AIDS day.

29 November 2015

Good Dinosaur 3D Movie Review

OK so maybe Pixar bringing out 2 films in 1 year isn't such a great idea. The Good Dinosaur felt decided average, with scenes stolen directly out of Lion King and practically the same story of him finding a human friend called Spot and a journey home. You even have some very samey characters like the T-Rexes are the sharks from Finding Nemo, and the Pterodactyls are the hyenas from Lion King. It all just seems to have been done before.

Ben 5 out of 10
Barry 2 out of 10


22 November 2015

Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2 D-BOX 3D Film Review

4 years in the making, over 4 films, and sorry but I have story fatigue. The build up to the final confrontation has been coming for a long time, too long. All the districts are now heading to The Capitol and Snow has basically setup the 76th Hunger Games as the city is now laced with traps, although how he did some of them at such short notice remains a mystery (oil slick I'm looking at you)! As the film builds and builds you finally start feeling excited, only to have it dashed away in a certain explosion. *SPOILER* Katniss is basically knocked out right at the critical point in the film, and she wakes in hospital to have her mother say, "Oh you know when you were knocked out then, we just did it and finished the battle". WTF! What a complete cop out, I been waiting 4 years to see Snow get his comeuppance! I'm sure the book storyline was the same and was hugely disappointed.

3D was non-existent and D-BOX few rumbles were also pointless.

Ben 5 out of 10 (5 with D-BOX)
Barry 5 out of 10 (5 with D-BOX)


21 November 2015

Kinky Boots London Theatre Review

The 2005 Kinky Boot film has been turned into a musical at the Adelphi Theatre in London! And like Sister Act musical don't go looking for any of the songs from the movie in this, as they are all original. The story is of two boys growing up, one inheriting a failing shoe factory, the other a drag queen. The two unlikely friends then go about trying to save the factory by making Kinky Boots for men! The story is that of tolerance and acceptable, and there are some really touching songs. The sets are fairly basic, but clever. The costumes are completely upstaged by the drag queens and the Kinky Boots fashion show. Highly recommended.

Ben 4 out of 5
Barry 4 out of 5


15 November 2015

Spectre Movie Review

It seems that every time a new Bond film comes out, people go slightly crazy for it, and while this has smashed all box office records, we can honestly say we weren't impressed. Yes there were some great stunts and action sequences, but the story is very basic of spies being replaced by technology, whilst being double crossed by the Spectre organisation. It also goes into full Austin Powers mode in the middle of the film, with Waltz playing the films baddy Oberhauser, inviting Bond (Craig) to dinner at his hidden desert hideout, only to have a nice tour of the facility, reveal his whole plan, and then throw him in a tank of sharks with laser beams. Ah the sharks bit was Austin Powers! Its crazy, he's in a room surrounded by henchmen, who could blow his brains out at any moment, but nooooooo. OK film, over rated, very silly in places. Don't believe the hype train.

Ben 6 out of 10
Barry 5 out of 10


1 November 2015

Star Trek Ultimate Voyage Concert

Celebrating 50 years of Star Trek in style at the Royal Albert Hall in London, with the London Philharmonic Orchestra playing tunes from Star Trek TV series all the way through Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise and all the movies up to JJ Abrams Star Trek. It was excellent and highly recommended you go see it! More information and 2016 USA tour dates at http://www.startrekultimatevoyage.com

25 October 2015

4x4 Off Roading

My birthday present from Keith was to go 4x4 off roading in a Land Rover in Reading. We did 3 courses, with gradually increasing bumpiness and hilliness, with the 3rd course being pretty hair raising! The final hill (mountain!) was like 70 degrees, so the bonnet was pointing at the sky, with no idea that, what felt like, an almost vertical drop was on the other side!

15 October 2015

Fort Lauderdale Last Day

We didn't post much to the blog this holiday, as basically we've been very lazy and not done anything, other than lie in the sun!

Goosebumps 3D Movie Review

Arghh Jack Black! Anyone else in this film that Black with his weird accent and beedy eyes, just annoying. Other than that is a pretty average kids film, about the many weird creatures that Black writes about in his locked books escaping into the real world. From the genuinely creepy Slappy ventriloquist dummy (don't call him dummy!), Yeti, Werewolves, Killer Gnomes, etc.... A basic story about trying to get the creatures back in the books, with young love and keeping the town safe. Its actually pretty creepy in places for a PG-13, and the twist is easily spottable by adults. Average kids fodder though.

Ben 6 out of 10
Barry 5 out of 10


14 October 2015

The Visit Movie Review

OK everyone needs to stop giving M. Night Shyamalan money for his movies. Notice how the poster only references Sixth Sense and Signs (from 1999 and 2002!)? Thats because they were his only 2 good films from over a decade ago! The Visit was basically rubbish. They make a big deal out of the mothers secret with her parents, which when its revealed at the end is just utterly stupid. The only redeeming feature with this film is the nutty grandparents and their twist, but sometimes even these are silly scenes and make you giggle instead of being terrified. I don't think I'm spoiling anything by saying "twists" in a Shyamaln film, as its what you expect. Save your money and stay away from this junk.

Ben 2 out of 10
Barry 0 out of 10


12 October 2015

Hotel Transylvania 2 3D Movie Review

This film is set a few years after the first, the hotel is open to humans, Mavis and Johnny are married and have a kid and its his birthday. Drac's dad is coming to visit and he doesn't know his great grandson is half human, half vampire. The in-laws are also visiting and Drac's dad hates humans! Drac is desperately trying to tease out his grandson's vampire powers. So it obviously all collides in a hideous family mess with Drac trying to keep everyone happy! Pretty average kiddy fodder, that isn't quite as good as the first.

Ben 6 out of 10
Barry 5 out of 10


11 October 2015

The Walk 3D Movie Review

The Walk is set in 1974 (a good year;-), when French high wire artist Philippe sets his sights on walking the tightrope between the World Trade Center twin towers. This doesn't sound like much of a film, but it's his story of growing up, his passion for rope walking and the attention to detail. The tower job itself is done by watching security guards and builders, finishing the last floors of the towers before it opens, how they get the rope across and the actual act of walking. Its these final climatic moments of the film that are most amazing, as you know the whole thing is green screened special effects, yet its still so tense, breath taking and nail biting! The 3D is actually amazing and the spinning camera taking in the New York sights from every angle is enough to give anyone vertigo, I just wish we had seen it in IMAX. Good film and highly worth seeing at the cinema.

Ben 8 out of 10
Barry 8 out of 10


4 October 2015

Martian 3D D-BOX Movie Review

Matt Damon stuck on Mars on his own doesn't sound like a very exciting prospect for a movie, yet somehow it does manage to keep you captivated. You see his struggle to survive, his refusal to just give up and die, yet he has to last something like 400 days until the next mission brings food, with only 100 odd days of food left, so he starts to farm potatoes grown from his own poop! Problem by problem, little by little his struggles pay off and I think its this drive that makes you want to keep watching the film. I can't give too much else away, it is a slow burner with lots of vistas of Mars, but this is definitely worth seeing at the cinema.

The 3D is actually pretty good, as theres lots of scenery to see both in space and on the surface. The D-BOX is also excellent for blasting off and rovering around.

Ben 8 out of 10 (8 with D-BOX)
Barry 8 out of 10 (8 with D-BOX)


20 September 2015

Maze Runner: Scorch Trials D-BOX Movie Review

Genre fatigue is really kicking in with these teen future type movies. Hunger Games is the daddy, Insurgent is the poor relative, Maze Runner should be put down, and we won't even mention The Giver! Scorch Trials carrys on from the first Maze Runner movie, and the kids are "rescued", they then spend most of the first half of the movie trusting people who won't tell them whats going on. The second half of the movie sees them trudging across The Scorch (or in english, future desert) to reach a band of rebels. Only when they get there they decide to trudge all the way back and seek revenge! Completely boring! The only redeeming feature are the fairly scary chase scenes with Cranks (or in english, zombies), cause by The Flare (or in english, virus). This renaming of obvious simple english terms is still infuriating, this is set on future Earth after all, so why all the "this is what we call..." references? DVD job at best, and probably won't bother with the third film.

D-BOX added nothing to this film either!

Ben 4 out of 10
Barry 4 out of 10


13 September 2015

Everest IMAX 3D Movie Review

Everest or "idiots up a mountain in a storm" tries to make a spectacle of a disaster that happened in 1996 where several people lost their lives. So yes its a sad and tragic story, but when you know a storm is inbound do you really climb to the top of Everest which is called the "death zone", as its literally too cold and no air to keep you alive anyway. I didn't really feel attached to the characters and you only see a bit of the back story and family life, the bulk of the film is actually climbing Everest. As a result the film felt very long and no real action or tension to break it up, and when tragedy strikes you don't feel the repercussions. The 3D only hit in certain sweeping cinematic scenes. Luckily the IMAX sound was superb, really conveying the strength of the storm and wind. Its worth a view in the cinema though for the screen size and sound impact, but not a great film.

Ben 6 out of 10
Barry 5 out of 10


Wine Tasting at Vinopolis London

This was actually our Christmas present from Keith, but we did it on my birthday, double celebration! A trip to Vinopolis London, where after a quick wine tasting lesson we were let loose in a room with wine vending machine and 12 tokens! Of course we had to start on the champagne, which was two tokens, and then worked our way through white, rose, red and onto spirits and fortified wines, including our favourite Rubis chocolate wine! Luckily there was also a Wagamama right next door to soak up the alcohol afterwards!

4 September 2015

Charlotte's 10th & Paulton's Park

After a fairly fragile start for some people (*cough* Carol), we kick the day off with a wedding breakfast and birthday cake, as today is Charlotte's 10th birthday! After several coffees we are ready to hit Paulson's Park, which has certainly changed quite a bit since I last went as a kid!

3 September 2015

Gareth and Sarah's Wedding!

Today Gareth and Sarah finally tied the knot at the Woodland's Lodge Hotel. It was a beautiful location and ceremony, topped off with great food, evening BBQ, disco and being with our best friends.

30 August 2015

Vacation Movie Review

There have been lots of disappointing 80's remakes promising to recapture the original film recently, however luckily Vacation isn't one of them! Griswold Jr. takes his new family on a cross country trip back to Wally World, just as he'd done in the original film. Along the way everything that can go wrong does go wrong, including a very weird car with very random functions, a brother-in-law with some rather large junk, and very awkward scenes with a creepy dad trying to be a wingman to his son. This movie manages to keep the chuckles coming, only stalling a couple of times when they stop off at the sister and dad's house, yes Chevy Chase and Beverly D'angelo make a cameo. Finally a film that delivers on its promises.

Ben 7 out of 10
Barry 7 out of 10


23 August 2015

Man from UNCLE D-BOX Movie Review

Had high hopes for this film after a couple of recommendations and Richie's last successes with Sherlock. Unfortunately this was bit of a snooze fest and the 60's cheesy style didn't really sit with me. The story of a American CIA and Russian KGB agent working together to bust out a East German woman who is after finding her Nazi father who is building nukes. The story ticks along at quite a pace, but never really going overboard on action, comedy or spy shenanigans. Highly average, DVD job at best, not even the D-BOX really woke up for this film.

Ben 5 out of 10
Barry 5 out of 10


20 August 2015

Pixels 3D Movie Review

Risking another badly reviewed film, but this time were surprised its not as bad as the reviews are saying. In fact quite liked the nostalgia and retro looks and sounds of this movie! Basically a VHS tape (remember those) of a 1982 video game tournament is sent up in a NASA probe, discovered by aliens who take it as a challenge and come to earth in the form of those video games to invade us. Its upto the Arcaders of 1982 to save us, by challenging the aliens to various life sized versions of those old arcade games. Looooads of characters make an appearance along with the big hitters of Centipede, Galaga, Pac-man and Donkey Kong. The action is quite high and the pixels look good in 3D, the comedy is light, occasionally dying in places, but as I said no where near as bad as the reviews said. A nice trip down 80's memory lane.

Ben 6 out of 10
Barry 5 out of 10


16 August 2015

Fantastic Four Movie Review

Childhood friend/geek montage followed by getting their powers in an alternate dimension, moaning about their powers and trying to get rid of them, returning to other dimension and fight Dr. Doom. The End. There I just saved you 100 minutes of your life in what is a pretty lame and boring film. I didn't want to believe the reviews on this, as actually enjoyed the two earlier versions, but this is just plain dull, even the actual film looks dull with it's grey/blue wash over it. The Fantastic Four actors are far from fantastic, very generic and wishy washy. There is very little action and no comic banter, Stan Lee doesn't even make a cameo, so he obviously knew how bad it was! Just plain flat and boring, not what you expect from a Marvel film costing $120million!

Ben 4 out of 10
Barry 3 out of 10


25 July 2015

Gareth & Sarah's

This weekend we visited Gareth & Sarah's with Mark, Carol, Charlotte and Elliot. Lots of eating, film watching, rude card games and a visit to the Finkley Down Farm in Andover.

18 July 2015

Ant-Man 3D Movie Review

After we got turfed out of our hotel, we decided to see the newly released Ant-Man! It also helped this had in seat alcohol service ;-) A weird and brave film for Marvel to release as their summer tent pole, as not a lot of people would have heard of Ant-Man, basically a guy in a suit who can shrink to the size of an ant, with super ant strength and communication skills. He's a thief broken out of prison who is then used to break into Hank Pym's company and steal similar secret technology, as the world is dreaming of armies of micro terrorists apparently. Except of course they don't get there in time to stop them finishing the rival suit and you have various micro-battles popping in and out of full size when strength or speed is needed. The shrinking/strength idea is used very effectively in this film and is a clever idea/effect done very well. I'm not sure the hero himself is quite a likeable as Guardians of the Galaxy or The Avengers though. It also spends a great deal of time setting up the back story, a little too long before it gets to the action. Still a great original super hero film though.

Ben 7 out of 10
Barry 6 out of 10


17 July 2015

Ted 2 Movie Review

Mr McFarlane you are now spreading yourself too thin. After last years poor "100 Ways to Die in the West", you get the follow up Ted 2, again writing, directing, producing and starring and unfortunately missing the originals funny high. Instead of a light hearted funny film, this one sees Ted trying to prove he's human in court and it does drag quite badly. Luckily it is rescued by a fairly funny sequence at Comic-con, which sees the likes of Michael Dorn, who used to play Worf in Star Trek, dressed up in a very bad Word cosplay costume and punching various show goers, among other things. Funny in parts, but not as good as the original, Seth you need to stick to comedy writing to get maximum laughs and let someone else lighten the load on directing duties.

Ben 6 out of 10
Barry 6 out of 10


15 July 2015

Toronto Island

We've been having a lazy time on this holiday so far, but today decided to go over to Toronto Island for a cycle round and a spot of lunch.

14 July 2015

Magic Mike XXL Movie Review

I'm not going to waste too many words on this movie, as it was a road trip movie about strippers on a way to a convention, with very little brotherly bonding and no real sense of feeling. Also the final stripping routines were incredibly cheesy and barley showed any flesh!

Ben 1 out of 10
Barry 1 out of 10

13 July 2015

Terminator Genisys IMAX Laser 3D Film Review

As we were in Toronto, we had to see this is the brand new IMAX Laser theatre, this is IMAX's new projection technique and Toronto is one of two theatres in the world to have it, the other being the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood! While this film has been panned everywhere else, we actually really enjoyed it. It starts right back at Terminator 1 and rewrites the rules. Arnie is present and his age explained quite well, and Clarke (Sarah) and Courtney (Kyle) also play their parts well. It just seems to start and ramp up the action right away, which is what you want, but then it gets slightly lost in the twist and time travel mumbo-jumbo. Its here that the movie was completely ruined by the trailer, which spoils the entire twist in the story, which we found quite unbelievable. It would be like telling you that (spoiler alert) Vader was Luke's father in the first five minutes of Star Wars! Ridiculous to ruin the movie in the a trailer! Anyway, we still managed to enjoy this movie and the IMAX projection was laser crisp and the sound blew you out of your seat!

Ben 8 out of 10
Barry 8 out of 10


12 July 2015

Inside Out 3D Movie Review

This movie is told from the perspective of a little girl, who is forced to move with her family from a perfect life in a big house, school and friends, to a small dank house in the city with no friends. Except its also told from inside her head, with her various emotions; Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear and Anger. In Joy's battle to keep the little girl happy, things start to change inside her mind and they get lost on a journey around her memories. There are some very clever ideas on show here, which is why Pixar will always trump Dreamworks, you have great animation, in jokes, but also a very original story. Some of the ideas might even be a bit too advanced for kids, but adults will get them along with the usual in-jokes. It does start dragging very slightly as they work through the zones of the brain, trying to catch the 'idea train' back to the core, but this is slightly rescued by Bing Bong, the talking elephant/cat thing! With slight trimming this could have been perfect, but its still the best animated film this year!

Ben 8 out of 10
Barry 7 out of 10


Toronto Photos

All Toronto photos will be posted here, keep checking back for additions!

28 June 2015

Minions D-BOX 3D Movie Review

This film was totally ruined by the trailer (which has been showing forever). What you think is just teaser trailer footage for the main film, is actually about the first 45 minutes of plot! Many of the jokes have already been shown too. It is amusing and they do pad the rest of the story out, but it does start to frizzle when it turns into the Scarlet Overkill queen story. Its also no Pixar movie, with only really visual gags for the kids and not many in-jokes for adults to latch onto. But who can resist the jibbering tic-tac shaped Minions, this is bound to be a smash with the kids.

The 3D was actually pretty good in this film, with certain bits actually finally popping out of the screen. The D-BOX moving chairs were however just there to replicate the Minions jiggling and dancing, not great.

Ben 6 out of 10 (6 with D-BOX)
Barry 5 out of 10 (5 with D-BOX)


21 June 2015

Spy Movie Review

McCarthy and Miranda team up with Statham and Law in a comedy come secret agent spy movie. Although I'm not sure it quite knows where its main theme lies, as one minute is super serious spy movie with bullets flying and blood spurting and next someone trips and its straight back into slapstick and laughing. Both parts of the movie, spy and comedy, are pretty good, I just found it a bit jarring switching between the two, with a gun in your face and then being told your outfit is hideous.  Both bits do work though, with some great one liners and comedy from the female team, and also some great stunts and action sequences from the guys. I would actually say The Heat was the funnier movie, followed a close second by this effort.

Ben 7 out of 10
Barry 7 out of 10


20 June 2015

Space Spectacular at Royal Albert Hall

Our early birthday present from Mum, saw us heading to London's Royal Albert Hall to see the Space Spectacular, performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The played through Star Wars, E.T., Close Encounters, Battlestar Galactica, Thunderbirds, Superman and yet more Star Wars! The video below shows a few clips from the show.

14 June 2015

Jurassic World 3D D-BOX Movie Review

Jurassic World is the park opened as envisioned in Jurassic Park, with bigger more teethier genetically engineered dinosaurs. Of course tinkering with DNA doesn't go too well for the park with the new Indominus Rex escaping its paddock and going on the rampage. Chris Pratt is superb in this film and really props it up. What undoes it it Dallas Howard as the park obsessed financial operator and her two whiney nephews. Why does Jurassic Park insist on putting kids in peril? The story is better than that. This is definitely a 21st century 12A film too, loads of dino chomping, blood and a fairly horrific scene with a woman and pterodactyl, which is on par with the woman being torn apart in Jaws, but minus the blood, which obviously makes it OK! I was quite glad at the extra dino-violence, but anyone under 12 seeing this will probably be a bit disturbed! The one other scene I wasn't looking forward to is shown in the poster, where Pratt is riding with the Raptors. The Raptors are the baddies from the first film, so how does this happen? It does get semi-explained in the film, but still think it was a forced fit. Good film, but some annoying cast members.

The 3D was standard fair, with everything from the screen level backwards. Shame as dinos popping out of the screen would have been pretty cool! The D-BOX moving chairs were great, you could feel every dino rumbling footstep!

Ben 8 out of 10 (8 with D-BOX)
Barry 8 out of 10 (8 with D-BOX)


30 May 2015

San Andreas 3D D-BOX Movie Review

OK this is one real popcorn film, its basically one long series of earthquakes around Nevada, Los Angeles and San Francisco, obviously along the San Andreas fault. It goes from one special effects disaster to the next, with The Rock saving his family in between. It's kind of like 2012, but with earthquakes, always seemingly ahead of the next one and there are some ridiculous effects and escapes. Just plug in, sit back and take in the destruction.

The 3D was non-existant, I didn't notice any particular effects at all. The D-BOX was obviously perfect for this type of film, you could feel the rumbles, quakes and jolts.

Ben 7 out of 10 (9 with D-BOX)
Barry 7 out of 10 (8 with D-BOX)


25 May 2015

Poltergeist 3D Movie Review

So heres another Hollywood remake of the 1982 original. While the story is similar the characters and effects have obviously changed. Firstly the family, they are just plain annoying, supposedly unemployed and downsizing, yet they are still in a big house, all with MacBooks, iPhones, etc.. and don't really gel and argue, so basically I didn't care if the poltergeist got them or not! You also miss mini Zelda as the medium. Secondly the special effects have obviously had a big upgrade, with things that just weren't possible in the 80's, again however I don't think they add anything. A truly creepy bit in the film is the clown sequence, but other than that its pretty much Poltergeist by numbers.

The 3D does't add anything to this film, and apart from a 3D squirrel, I almost forgot I was watching it in 3D!

Ben 6 out of 10
Barry 6 out of 10


17 May 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road D-BOX 3D Movie Review

After Avengers 2 non-stop fighting a couple of weeks ago, this weekend we see the new Mad Max film, which is basically one huge long stunt! A group of "wives" are being held against their will by an overlord, who controls the water supply in a desolate future, and they make a break for it in a giant big rig truck. They then basically race across the barren desert being pursued by several gangs in varied and more outrageous vehicles. There are endless stunts, things blowing up, flipping over, flying off, people dropping, etc... It however felt a bit too long to me as just when you think its over, well, you'll have to see the film! Hardy and Theron are on form and they work well with the minimum story. Its also finally at 15, not a watery PG-13, so there are some great gory bits.

The D-BOX adds quite a bit to the effects, with rumbles, bumps and jolts all in the right places.

Ben 8 out of 10 (9 with D-BOX)
Barry 8 out of 10 (9 with D-BOX)


12 May 2015

Full Throttle Assault - Basingstoke Boot Camp

Just added to the Full Throttle Assault website is a new series called "Exercise of the Week" that shows what we get upto at the Basingstoke boot camp, which now happens Saturdays and Wednesdays!

3 May 2015

Avengers 2: Age of Ultron D-BOX 3D Movie Review

How do you follow up one of the biggest films ever? Well with a film thats even bigger than that one! Take the original cast, add in 4 more main characters, plus loads from the various spin off films and TV series and juggle them all together. Somehow though Joss Whedon manages it, just. Stark invented Ultron to protect Earth from baddies, so the Avengers could retire, but Ultron basically goes rogue and bad. Cue one huge battle movie. And thats basically the downfall of this movie, that there are literally loads of characters all trying to do something at once, but this isn't a bad thing as I want to see it again, maybe even twice, so that I get all the story and action!

Ben 9 out of 10 (9 with D-BOX)
Barry 9 out of 10 (9 with D-BOX)


9 April 2015

Last Day :-(

Its the last day of the Orlando holiday. We smashed Disney and Universal the first week. Gareth & Sarah headed home. Mark, Carol, Charlotte and Elliot went off on their Disney cruise, and we had a quiet 2nd week by the pool, with a sneak 2nd visit to Disney!

Fast and Furious 7 Film Review

Was pleasantly surprised by this film. Not a fan of the series, but we were waiting to get on the plane killing time, however is was actually pretty good. Some great cars and stunts, some fights from Statham. Statham is out for revenge and wants to take down Diesel's crew, while at the same time Diesel's crew is retrieving a device to track Statham. Its an overly complicated storyline though, as basically Statham is hiding round every corner trying to kill them! Anyways all the stunts and action take the focus off this. We didn't quite make it to the end, as we had to leave, but I definitely want to see the end of this film.

Ben 6 out of 10
Barry 6 out of 10


6 April 2015

Cinderella Movie Review

We really enjoyed the Maleficent live remake from last year, great story and acting. We really hated the Cinderella remake this year! The musical nods were missing, no songs, and the most over-saccharine sickly story ever, even more so that the animated version. The aunt and ugly sisters aren't evil enough. I could go on, but just didn't like it. Luckily we were in the AMC Theater in Downtown Disney where they do an excellent dine-in service, so we could buzz for alcohol, yes even at 11am!

Ben 3 out of 10
Barry 2 out of 10


5 April 2015

Spongebob Squarepants: Sponge Out of Water Movie Review

The Krabby Patty formula has been stolen and Bikini Bottom has been thrown into turmoil! But Plankton isn't responsible, its a pirate who wants to setup his own burger van. Spongebob and co. have to venture upto the surface to retrieve the formal and restore order. The twist is theres a storybook that changes the films story when written in, which is how the team get their superhero powers seen in the poster. Slightly wild and wacky, and slightly long in places, I don't think this was as good as the first one.

Ben 6 out of 10
Barry 5 out of 10


22 March 2015

Insurgent Film Review

I'm getting a little tired of these Battle Royale copy cat style teen stories, we have Hunger Games, Insurgent, Maze Runner and Giver, all with the same basic futuristic storyline of human problems and being divided into groups in order to survive something. This just felt tired. The story didn't grab me, some stupid box they found can only be opened by a Divergent and theres no mystery at all who it is, while the film looks for out leading lady. When they do finally figure it all out and the film ends, you have to ask yourself why they didn't do what they did 200 years earlier!! Obviously no one has any curiosity or get up and go in the future. Boring and theres a third film coming zzzzzz!

Ben 5 out of 10
Barry 5 out of 10


13 March 2015

Chappie Movie Review

This is the movie that the Robocop remake should have been! The story of a newly created AI that is stolen and raised by a gang who jack cars and rob banks. But as the AI is naive and child like its done with a certain funny charm. There is a touching story line, great action, comedy, violence and sadness all in one film! Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Ben 8 out of 10
Barry 7 out of 10


21 February 2015

Project Almanac Movie Review

We chose this as it was a rainy day and not much else on. It sounded like a fairly good sci-fi time travel film. However when the MTV logo flashed up and the wobble-cam footage started I sunk in my seat! What is it with all these awful wobbly hand held films????? Why????? Its being projected at like 100ft, so the slightest movement makes you feel ill, I had to close my eyes several times as the image on screen was so blurred. Anyway back to the story which involves a nerd building a time machine out of an Xbox, something he found in his Dad's basement and 8 car batteries. Yes even the basic science of running an Xbox Time Machine off of 48 volts is pretty unbelievable and very annoying. The kids then use the device to do obvious things like win the lottery, pass a class, repeat a concert and kiss the girl. But then they notice ripples in time, news items that hadn't happened before, people going missing and they try to undo them. All pretty average and lame.

Ben 4 out of 10
Barry 4 out of 10


14 February 2015

Shaun the Sheep The Movie Review

Charlotte and Elliot selected Shaun the Sheep for us to go and see. While this movie was by Aardman, it was good, but lacked the finer touches of the Wallace and Gromit series. Maybe they thought they could get away with it as its a kids film? The basic story is that Shaun and the other sheep fancy a day off, so trick the farmer into falling asleep and lock him in a caravan. Unfortunately its not parked very well and rolls off into the big city, so Shaun and friends have to go rescue him and end up need rescuing themselves from animal control! The animation was fine, the story OK, the huge voice cast don't actually say a word, just gesture and mumble. Was OK as a kids film.

Ben 5 out of 10
Barry 3 out of 10


Valentines at Mark and Carol's

Went to Mark and Carol's this weekend for a lazy one full of games, movies and playing in the park. Oh and eating lots ;-)

3 February 2015

Third Night of Snow

We've had 3 nights of snow, then it melts during the day. Last night we had about an inch, not enough to stop us going to work damn it!

28 January 2015

Full Throttle Assault - Basingstoke Boot Camp

We were stars of the week on Full Throttle Assault's website! We head to this Basingstoke boot camp every Saturday, even in the cold!

24 January 2015

Into the Woods Movie Review

Into the Woods is the musical mash-up of Jack and the Beanstalk, Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Cinderella linked together with a cursed witch and baker who wants a baby. The story itself is very clever in how it links the four Grimm stories together by the witch needing a milky cow, red cape, hair the colour of corn and golden slipper. Unfortunately the film seems overly long and dreary. The songs aren't particularly catchy and have a very similar mundane tune to them. Despite a stellar cast including Streep, Depp, Blunt and Pine, the leading man is James Cordon. YES JAMES CORDON?! What and how the hell he went from presenter of League of Their Own to Hollywood musical I have no idea. He also does't have the acting chops to stand against them either. So despite a good story its ruined by long run time, boring songs and a weak lead. Shame our first film of 2015 is a lemon!

Ben 3 out of 10
Barry 3 out of 10