21 February 2015

Project Almanac Movie Review

We chose this as it was a rainy day and not much else on. It sounded like a fairly good sci-fi time travel film. However when the MTV logo flashed up and the wobble-cam footage started I sunk in my seat! What is it with all these awful wobbly hand held films????? Why????? Its being projected at like 100ft, so the slightest movement makes you feel ill, I had to close my eyes several times as the image on screen was so blurred. Anyway back to the story which involves a nerd building a time machine out of an Xbox, something he found in his Dad's basement and 8 car batteries. Yes even the basic science of running an Xbox Time Machine off of 48 volts is pretty unbelievable and very annoying. The kids then use the device to do obvious things like win the lottery, pass a class, repeat a concert and kiss the girl. But then they notice ripples in time, news items that hadn't happened before, people going missing and they try to undo them. All pretty average and lame.

Ben 4 out of 10
Barry 4 out of 10


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