17 May 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road D-BOX 3D Movie Review

After Avengers 2 non-stop fighting a couple of weeks ago, this weekend we see the new Mad Max film, which is basically one huge long stunt! A group of "wives" are being held against their will by an overlord, who controls the water supply in a desolate future, and they make a break for it in a giant big rig truck. They then basically race across the barren desert being pursued by several gangs in varied and more outrageous vehicles. There are endless stunts, things blowing up, flipping over, flying off, people dropping, etc... It however felt a bit too long to me as just when you think its over, well, you'll have to see the film! Hardy and Theron are on form and they work well with the minimum story. Its also finally at 15, not a watery PG-13, so there are some great gory bits.

The D-BOX adds quite a bit to the effects, with rumbles, bumps and jolts all in the right places.

Ben 8 out of 10 (9 with D-BOX)
Barry 8 out of 10 (9 with D-BOX)


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