17 July 2015

Ted 2 Movie Review

Mr McFarlane you are now spreading yourself too thin. After last years poor "100 Ways to Die in the West", you get the follow up Ted 2, again writing, directing, producing and starring and unfortunately missing the originals funny high. Instead of a light hearted funny film, this one sees Ted trying to prove he's human in court and it does drag quite badly. Luckily it is rescued by a fairly funny sequence at Comic-con, which sees the likes of Michael Dorn, who used to play Worf in Star Trek, dressed up in a very bad Word cosplay costume and punching various show goers, among other things. Funny in parts, but not as good as the original, Seth you need to stick to comedy writing to get maximum laughs and let someone else lighten the load on directing duties.

Ben 6 out of 10
Barry 6 out of 10


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Thomas Watson said...

I didn't expect a sequel, but I guess the movie's novelty of having a talking teddy bear and the fact that it wasn't a movie for kids or even one for the family made it an interesting one and one that everyone had to watch.