11 October 2015

The Walk 3D Movie Review

The Walk is set in 1974 (a good year;-), when French high wire artist Philippe sets his sights on walking the tightrope between the World Trade Center twin towers. This doesn't sound like much of a film, but it's his story of growing up, his passion for rope walking and the attention to detail. The tower job itself is done by watching security guards and builders, finishing the last floors of the towers before it opens, how they get the rope across and the actual act of walking. Its these final climatic moments of the film that are most amazing, as you know the whole thing is green screened special effects, yet its still so tense, breath taking and nail biting! The 3D is actually amazing and the spinning camera taking in the New York sights from every angle is enough to give anyone vertigo, I just wish we had seen it in IMAX. Good film and highly worth seeing at the cinema.

Ben 8 out of 10
Barry 8 out of 10


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