15 November 2015

Spectre Movie Review

It seems that every time a new Bond film comes out, people go slightly crazy for it, and while this has smashed all box office records, we can honestly say we weren't impressed. Yes there were some great stunts and action sequences, but the story is very basic of spies being replaced by technology, whilst being double crossed by the Spectre organisation. It also goes into full Austin Powers mode in the middle of the film, with Waltz playing the films baddy Oberhauser, inviting Bond (Craig) to dinner at his hidden desert hideout, only to have a nice tour of the facility, reveal his whole plan, and then throw him in a tank of sharks with laser beams. Ah the sharks bit was Austin Powers! Its crazy, he's in a room surrounded by henchmen, who could blow his brains out at any moment, but nooooooo. OK film, over rated, very silly in places. Don't believe the hype train.

Ben 6 out of 10
Barry 5 out of 10


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