13 December 2015

Krampus Movie Review

As the world waits for Star Wars next weekend, we decided to take in a bit of Christmas horror that has been making good waves in Krampus. Unfortunately I thought the film had a bit of an identity crisis, in that it wasn't sure if it was a serious jumpy horror or if it was tongue in cheek B-movie. This is a fatal flaw, as if it had gone B-movie all the way it would have been much more fun. Firstly the film takes waaaaaay too long to get going, and you don't care hugely for the characters and if they get carted off to hell or not. Secondly it starts with some weedy scares which we are meant to take seriously. Finally it then seems to flip into Gremlins mode and the family starts to bond and you start to like the movie a bit more. The creatures seem tongue in cheek, such as the gingerbread man and the grizzly teddy bear, verging on the genuinely spooky jack-in-the-box and Krampus himself. It just hits me as a bit all over the place, part horror part comedy, but not merging them very well. DVD job at best.

Ben 5 out of 10
Barry 6 out of 10


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