13 February 2016

Deadpool D-BOX Movie Review

Deadpool is not your typical Marvel superhero movie, and definitely earns its 15 certificate. From Deadpool's pretty horrific tortured transformation to the odd decapitated flying head and the bucket load of swearing. The whole film though is done very tongue in cheek with lots of comedy throughout. The story style is well done using flashbacks to his origin story mixed in the middle of action sequences. This is also one of the only Marvel films to bring all franchises under one movie, with a visit to X-Men School and an Avengers Helicarrier, plus pretty much unneeded support by Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead(!). Reynolds is superb as Deadpool, even making cracks at his previous Green Lantern characters expense. Even the english baddy Ajax, played by Transported Refuelled Skrein is actually bad. Definitely worth seeing now!

The D-BOX moving chairs add great thumps to fights and rumbles to chase sequences.

Ben 8 out of 10 (8 with D-BOX)
Barry 8 out of 10 (8 with D-BOX)


Sleep Rating: No pillows! (wide awake, great film)