27 March 2016

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 3D D-BOX Movie Review

This film has been plugged and teased to death over the last few months (and we managed to avoid most of it). Its also had some stinker reviews, but let me reassure you they are wrong. Yes its very dark both in message and tone. Yes its got lots going on, but it just about manages to handle it, with a Batman intro story, a link to Man of Steel, introducing Wonder Woman and flashes to Justice League all worked into the Batman v Superman fight. The overall film is about the people wanting answers from Superman after destroying Metropolis and Batman's revenge for said act. Little do either of them know that Lex Luthor is pulling their strings and pitting them against each other, with the final showdown (spoiled for some reason in the trailer again like Terminator!) actually pulling them together. I really can't figure out why they spoiled the main reveal again in the trailer, the marketing people should be shot. Is there no mystery left in going to see a film, why can't people just wait?!?! Anyway, ignore the critic reviews and go see this now, just don't expect it to be an uplifting bright comic book film!

Ben 9 out of 10 (9 with D-BOX)
Barry 9 out of 10 (9 with D-BOX)


Sleep Rating: No pillows! (wide awake, great film)

13 March 2016

Allegiant Movie Review

So Jeanine (Winslet) is dead and replaced by the equally awful mother of Four, Evelyn (Watts). So the gang decide to escape over the wall of the city, which no one has even though about doing in 200 years (yeah right). And when they get out all is not as it seems and they are greeted by another group of people that say they have been observing them, and again decide to segregate their jobs in the grubby Chicago airport, while they live in their shiney sparkly tower, of course they have nothing to be suspicious about (not). This is all getting far to samey (Hunger Games/Maze Runner) and the people are just too naive and stupid and by now I have lost all sympathy for them and the story as a whole. Snoreville. Can you believe there is another one of these to come?!

Ben 4 out of 10
Barry 4 out of 10


Sleep Rating: 2 pillows (semi conscious, mediocre film)

10 March 2016

Raiders of the Lost Ark LIVE!

Went to the Royal Albert Hall on Thursday night for Barry's Christmas present to see Raiders of the Lost Ark accompanied by the live 21st Century Orchestra. It was excellent, but weird, as the music was given the focus so all the sound effects like bullets and punches were very muted, so made the film look a bit amateurish! Still and excellent experience.

6 March 2016

London Has Fallen Movie Review

More of the same on London Has Fallen in this sequel to Olympus Has Fallen. If you're expecting more than bullets flying, things blowing up and people dying in set piece after set piece of action, then you're missing the point of these films. Turn your brain off and enjoy the carnage. This is your typical "ye-ha" American film, as most world leaders apart from the US president get killed (of course), and the terrorists are trying to nab him to execute him live on the internet. There are a few twists and turns and an undercover mole in the UK forces which add a bit to the story, but somehow this doesn't seem quick as exciting as Olympus. Still worth a watch if you just want to see stuff destroyed.

Ben 7 out of 10
Barry 7 out of 10


Sleep Rating: No pillows! (wide awake, great film)