29 May 2016

Alice Through the Looking Glass 3D D-BOX Movie Review

Time for some more weirdness with Alice the Mad Hatter and Co. Weren't entirely convinced to go and see this after the first one, but there wasn't much else on! Alice returns to Wonderland to find the Hatter ill, because he has lost his family and its Alice's job to travel through time to try and find out what happened to them. We actually meet the bizarre Time, played by Baron Cohen and through the time travelling story we learn of Hatter and Queen of Hearts back stories. I actually think this is the better story and movie, but its just too strange for me.

The 3D didn't really pop again. They seriously need to sort 3D out in the cinema, its just something they are tagging onto films to jack the price up without actually delivering anything visual! The D-BOX on the other hand was great in this film, as there were lots time travelling flying sequences and the chairs we moving around all over.

Ben 6 out of 10 (8 out of 10 with D-BOX)
Barry 6 out of 10 (6 out of 10 with D-BOX)


Sleep Rating: 1 pillow (light dozing, good film)

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