25 October 2016

Dr. Strange Movie Review

Saw Dr. Strange today on opening day in the UK. Went into this film completely blind, no idea of the character, don't think I even saw a trailer for it! This is a nicely explained origin story of how a brilliant neurosurgeon goes on a spiritual quest to try and repair his hands after a particularly nasty accident. It then starts to smell slightly of Last Airbender crossed with Inception. Lots of spiritual mumbo-jumbo about multiverses and mirror plains, with hand waving and folding buildings. The effects and time twists in this film are brilliant, with great fight sequences, but it all seemed to drag on a bit too long. Cumberbatch is a brilliant Dr. Strange, playing equal parts serious and the odd comedy quip. Maybe it needs a rewatch as this was good, but didn't really grab me.

Ben 6 out of 10
Barry 7 out of 10


Sleep Rating: 1 pillow (dozing lightly, good film)

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