18 December 2016

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 3D D-BOX Movie Review

Avoided the onslaught of usual spoilers, teasers and TV spots that end up usually ruining films nowadays and went into this blind. All I knew was that it was about stealing the Death Star plans just before New Hope. Boy was this a gritty brilliant film. Set in the Star Wars universe but darker toned. An abandoned child, an orphaned rebel, a traitor imperial pilot and a blind jedi(?) and his friend, not to mention the brilliant K2-SO, go on a mission to find Jyn's father, who just so happens to be the man who designs and builds the Death Star, then go on an even more daring mission to steal the plans from right under the nose of a certain Lord of the Sith. Loads of action, battles, classic vehicles, sights and sounds link the old trilogy with this continuing story. There are loads of surprises including a couple of slightly dodgy CGI characters and the climatic battle at the end leading to the immediate start of New Hope. Superb on every level.

The 3D really didn't do anything noticeable. The D-BOX added to the rumbles, fights and explosions. More an enhancement this time rather than a necessity.

Ben 9 out of 10
Barry 9 out of 10

Sleep Rating: No pillows (excellent film)