2 January 2017

Passengers Movie Review

Day two of 2017 and we're off with our first movie review! A big budget, big star movie of a story of a ship of 5000 people on a 120 year journey to Colony II planet, except James (Pratt) wakes up 90 years too early. Stuck with a robot bartender as his only company he also wakes up Arora (Lawrence). So the first part of the film is a bit of a love story, but then disaster hits, but it only feels like a minor disaster as its taken so long to get here. And this is where the film falters, it has great sets, great actors and a fairly good story it just seems too long and drawn out. Shame really, bit of editing or a bit more going on the ship and it might have been saved.

Ben 7 out of 10
Barry 7 out of 10


1 January 2017

Movie Reviews 2016 Top Ten and Bottom Three

All our 2016 movie reviews are on our Movie Reviews 2016 archive page.

We actually had a film this year be our same number one as 2015: Star Wars: Force Awakens. As we saw it on a normal screen in 2015 and IMAX in 2016 and both times gave it 10 out of 10, in the interest of fairness, we actually skipped this from our top 10.

Our top ten movie run down for 2016 was as follows:
  1. Finding Dory 3D
  2. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 3D D-BOX
  3. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 3D D-BOX
  4. X-Men: Apocalypse 3D D-BOX
  5. Captain America: Civil War 3D D-BOX
  6. Star Trek: Beyond IMAX Laser 3D
  7. Dead Pool D-BOX
  8. Ghostbusters 3D
  9. Secret Life of Pets 3D
  10. Independence Day: Resurgence 3D D-BOX
Our top three lemons for 2016 were:
  1. Revenant
  2. Divergent Series: Allegiant
  3. Huntsman: Winter's War